Air Cargo Services


Air Cargo Services

Air Forwarders in India

  • Ground Handling
  • Ground Transportation
  • Fuel Purchase
  • Over flights & Landing Permission
  • Security & Supervision
  • Flight Watch
  • Special Projects

Globe air Cargo is the best Air Freight Company in Delhi India offers fast, efficient, cost effective and reliable services. Our flight support centre provides the client-centered service that you should expect at any time.

You require one or many of our services, we will customize a package so that you receive exactly what you ask for; and, unlike our competitors, we offer fantastic value for money and we don't have minimum charges.

If you require more information about these, or you have another enquiry that's not covered here, please send us an e-mail or call us to discuss in more detail. We feel happy to serve you.

Ground Handling

Globe Air can set up and coordinate ground handling for your aircraft . We have proven our proficiency in all areas, including passenger, cargo, VIP and diplomatic or military flights. We can provide full aircraft handling with all services - such as air stairs, GPU, push back and tow bar - and select handlers appropriate to your flight or client type, whether passenger, cargo or VIP.

Ground Transportation

Whether you require a self-hire car or an escorted coach, we can set up and coordinate your transport requirements. Let us use our knowledge to ensure that you get the best possible connection for your passengers or crew.

Fuel Purchase

GLOBE AIR offers an extensive scheme for fuel purchase. Whether for an ad-hoc or regular flight, we can provide competitive prices.

We calculate costs per US Gallon including all taxes and other charges so you are able to estimate your trip costs more accurately. We never compromise quality we use only leading fuel suppliers and approved into-plane agents. All we require are the details of your flight, and we can supply fuel on credit (subject to approval) at any hour of the day or night.

Over flights & Landing Permission

GLOBE AIR specialize in obtaining over flight and landing permissions, which are required by individual countries or airports to allow your aircraft to enter airspace legally. Restrictions must be considered and specific procedures must be followed to obtain these permissions. At GLOBE AIR, our expertise and resources allow us to perform these duties so that can comfortably leave it with us and know that its being taken care of. Whether its a short-notice or future request, all permissions we obtain are legal releases and when indicated have periods to allow for delays of 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Security & Supervision

We can establish standard security procedures or customize procedures.

Flight Watch

We offer a convenient and easy-to-use 24-hour flight watch programme. Simply provide GLOBE AIR your aircraft flight and ground handling details and we will watch your aircraft and send movement messages as per your requirements. Even if your flight operates during irregular hours, you need not be disturbed unless it is necessary. You can relax and know that we are looking out for your flight, passengers, cargo for you.

Special Projects

We are also able to obtain tickets to aircraft parking and representation, so if you wish to avoid all the hassles, just ask us to take care of the entire package! We also provide operational support for VIP and Diplomatic Flights and have an illustrious list of satisfied clients.

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